Evergreen Global has recognised the energy sector to be one of its core areas of future growth and entered the thermal coal business.

We have tied up with a reputed and one of the oldest mines in Indonesia to market its thermal coal. The thermal coal from this mine is sold to many countries including China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea.

The mine is located along the Mahakam River in the heart of Indonesia’s oldest coal mining area in East Kalimantan. Coal delivered from the pits passes through a series of preparation process. Coal is then stacked at the port along the Mahakam River and transported by barges to Muara Jawa and Muara Berau, from where it is loaded onto cargo ships.

We have a strong commitment to provide reliable supplies of good quality coal to our buyers. We give the highest priority to Quality control by constantly and accurately monitoring the raw coal quality and stockpiles.

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